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Giving Back to the Real Pearl Foundation

Giving Back to the Real Pearl Foundation

Empowering Children to Dream

As business owners, parents and global citizens, we feel called to give back and help support the next generation of young leaders in our international community. This is why TreasureRome is proud to support the Real Pearl Foundation, a non-profit organization that operates in one of the poorest regions of Hungary, our country of origin.

The Real Pearl Foundation’s mission is to help end child poverty through art, education, community development and social entrepreneurship. In particular, we support the SZUNO project (which means “Dream” in the Romani language) and the Foundation's elementary school program, which provides an artistic education to 600 young students each year. By teaching a creative means of expression and providing a sense of community, the foundation is playing an important role in helping to foster resilience in at-risk youth while helping young people dream of a better future. 

The vibrant artworks can be enjoyed as decorative objects or repurposed into household items that are sold to generate incomes for the children and their families. The parents help create handmade wooden boxes, pencil cases, toys, fabric bags and more, applying new skills, collaborating with their children and earning a wage in the process.

We know that change takes time, but we’re determined to contribute our small part and give back in any way we can – in large part thanks to our guests. Whenever you book a stay with TreasureRome directly through our website, we donate €5 per day to the Real Pearl Foundation. We also host events in Rome to showcase the children’s artworks, help sell their crafts and local fairs and purchase items that make an appearance in our homes (you’ll notice the colorful treasure boxes at the entrance of each apartment).

We support the Real Pearl Foundation part of The Star Throwers program, a vacation rental network that believes social responsibility is an integral part of any venture. For us, travel and business have an important human element that goes beyond mere economics: we strive to help people through our hospitality and giving back initiatives.

We live in an era where our money carries real power and we have the opportunity to support important causes through mindful purchases. If you would like to help us give back even more, please consider making a small donation to the Real Pearl Foundation at this link.

Thank you for supporting TreasureRome and helping us give back to those who need it most. 

Our warmest wishes,

Carlo & Henrietta


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