TreasureRome is Proudly NOT an ``AirBnB in Rome``

TreasureRome is a small, family owned, limited edition vacation rental company with strong core values, managing the Most Charming Homes in the Heart of Rome

Family Business

We are Henrietta & Carlo. We have decades of experience in vacation rentals in Rome and carefully curate a small selection of apartments designed to give you the best experience in the Eternal City.

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Limited Edition

Being Limited Edition Vacation Rental means a set of non scalable actions we take, curating a unique Rome experience, and also shaping it to reflect our beliefs and personal values.

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The environment and water preservation are important to us, and a responsibility we take for our children, for our community. We wish to engage our guests in this commitment with small meaningful actions.

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Giving Back

Our firm belief is that we all play a part in shaping our world for the future generations. Being a socially responsible business is part of who we are.
We strive to help people through hospitality.

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About TreasureRome


We believe in local and sustainable tourism, so all of our apartments are real homes, owned and designed by some of Rome’s most interesting personalities.

  • TreasureRome is our work, our passion and reflects our values as a family. We have been growing and curating the company since 2012. Our relationship with the homeowners is intimate, we feel they are part of the experience in Rome we wish our guests to live. TreasureRome is NOT an AirBnB in Rome.
  • Families are one of our core travellers: we offer spacious homes with lot of family amenities and cater experiences designed for families. We do it without the support of the listing sites.  TreasureRome is NOT a Vrbo in Rome.
  • We do list on the main Online Travel Agencies like AirBnB, Vrbo and as most vacation rental homes and managers best practice. We owe a lot to these platforms, because we arrive to guests who otherwise wouldn’t find our website. However we identify ourserves as an independent brand, not as the platform we list on, because of our values and commitment. TreasureRome is NOT an AirBnb in Rome.
  • TreasureRome stands for #BookDirect. We offer the best prices and special deals when you book directly on our website.