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Where To Find The Best Pizza In Rome

In Rome, pizza comes in many different forms, all of them delicious. We’ve done our research to find the best pizza in Rome, visiting pizzerias near and far, and tasting all the different types of pizza available The thick-crusted Neapolitan pizza is probably a familiar sight to most visitors but local Roman pizza – with a crisp, paper-thin base – is a point of pride among locals. There’s also pizza al taglio, which is served by the slice for optimal portability, and a range of gourmet options with innovative toppings and daring flavour combinations. Here are some of our favorite spots.



Da Remo


Famous for its crispy, thin pizzas as much as its unpredictable service (that ranges from brusk to boisterous) Da Remo is one of Rome’s most popular pizzerias. Located in Testaccio, just south of the centro storico, this place is a real neighborhood gem so expect to queue after 8.30pm. Cooked in a wood-fired oven, Da Remo’s pizzas come with traditional toppings such as mushroom, spicy salami, or anchovy, but we like a classic marinara or margherita best.



best pizza in rome treasurerome© La Gatta Mangiona


La Gatta Mangiona


Situated in the residential Monteverde neighborhood, La Gatta Mangiona proposes a thick-crusted pizza reminiscent of the classic Neapolitan pie but with a little extra firmness to the dough. Conventional toppings are available as well as a range of more creative combinations. Try the ‘Hop Hop Margherita’ with lemongrass oil and lemon zest. Be sure to check the specials board for other, seasonal creations.



best pizza in rome© Gabriele Bonci




Helmed by Gabrielle Bonci – Rome’s most famous pizzaiolo – Pizzarium is a tiny pizza place with a big reputation. Master baker Bonci uses sourdough starters and a prolonged leavening process to create a light and fluffy dough with real flavour. At the same time the dough is robust enough to transport inventive combinations of seasonal ingredients such as pumpkin, porchetta, and persimmon. Ask for small slices so you can sample a range of flavors.



trapizzino rome©Trapizzino




A trapizzino is a triangular shaped pocket of fluffy pizza bread that has been stuffed with traditional, slow-cooked dishes such as chicken cacciatore, meatballs in tomato sauce, and oxtail stew. A relative newcomer to the dining scene, this new take on pizza was invented by Stefano Callegari in 2009. Now it is a firm favorite of the street food scene. There are a number of Trapizzino shops across town but we like the Trastevere location best – it has a well-stocked bar and is just a short walk from our Spanish Steps Terrace.




seu pizza illuminati

© Seu Pizza Illuminati


Seu Pizza Illuminati


Rome’s newest pizza darling, Pier Daniele Seu, opened his eponymous pizzeria in 2018 to rave reviews. Arguably the best pizza in Rome, diners love the innovative flavor combinations of his thick-rimmed pizzas. An example is the maialino nel bosco, which comes adorned with autumnal specialties such as ciauscolo salami, chestnut purée, hazelnuts and two kinds of mushrooms. Combine the contemporary menu with the spot’s expertly designed interiors – think neon pink signs and swanky marble furnishings – and you’ve got a thoroughly modern pizzeria for Rome’s hip crowd.



roscioli rome

© Antico Forno Roscioli


Antico Forno Roscioli


Situated in the historic center, this forno, or bakery, is the ideal place to try some of Rome’s most traditional, and most regularly eaten, pizzas. Pizza bianca is white pizza dough seasoned simply, but liberally with olive oil and salt while pizza rossa has a thin slick of tomato sauce. Both are delicious at Antico Forno Roscioli. Order by the slice for a perfectly sized snack.



© Pinsere



Not far from the Repubblica metro stop, Pinsere serves up a modern interpretation of the pinsa, a historic flatbread that was even eaten in ancient Roman times. In Latin, the word pinsere means to stretch and, in this case, refers to the pizza’s elongated shape. The version served at this busy takeaway spot is light, easy to digest. Often topped with classic ingredients such as mozzarella, anchovies, cured meats and seasonal vegetables.


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