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Pay & Stay Rate = 10% discount

Pay & Stay means 10% OFF of the standard price displayed!

Pay & Stay Rate = 10% discount

Make a direct reservation on your preferred apartment and pay upfront, so you have 10% discount of the Standard Rate displayed, and no risk!

Standard cancellation policy applies, you can change your mind within the terms and will be refunded.

It can be applied to all TreasureRome properties and can be used for any dates available throughout the year 2019. 
Don't miss this chance to save on your next trip to Rome!

 How to book the Pay & Stay Rate:

 1. Choose your apartment and dates

2. Follow the reservation steps.

3. At coupon code write PAYSTAY10

4.  We will send you the invoice right after completed the booking, you can then settle the payment by Credit Card or Paypal.

5. We'll follow-up with you to start planning your memorable vacation in Rome!


The Pay & Stay Rate can be applied to all TreasureRome properties. 
This specific rate can be combined with further offers or discounts. 

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