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Guided Tours In Rome


Guided Tours In Rome

Aurelian Walls/ Porta San Sebastiano

The Aurelian Walls, so named after the emperor who decided to build them in order to defend the city, have come down to us preserving the charm of Ancient Rome. Walking along these walls you can enjoy all the beauty of the Eternal city and the history that have characterized them: in Porta San Sebastiano - which is one of its best preserved doors - you can make an exclusive visit to what was once the residence of the secretary of the fascist party in the 40s.



The history of Rome is immense and you can see it not only in its most imposing and majestic monuments, but also in its catacombs, the ancient burial sites. There are famous ones in Rome, but those that we propose are closed to the public. However, exceptionally for you, archaeologists and experts will be the guides in these mysterious and unique places in the world.


Borghese Gallery

Once the residence of Cardinal Scipione- from whom it took its name-, built in 1600 and immersed in the wonderful park of Villa Borghese, which is loved and frequented by Romans and tourists, the Galleria Borghese hosts works of inestimable value. Its collection has been defined among " the most beautiful in the world ". In fact, it is possible to admire the sculptures by Bernini and Canova, the paintings by Caravaggio and Raffaello Sanzio. The museum, usually crowded, opens the door for an exclusive visit and reserved for you during its closing hours, in order to enjoy all its beauty in tranquility.

Every evening after 7 pm from 0 to 10 people: 2500 euros

On request it is possible to organize special dinners and events in the garden. 


St. Peter's Basilica and Vatican Museums

The Vatican is the Heart of Christianity and a famous place in the world. The st.Peter’s Basilica looks impressive from outside, with its famous colonnade, built by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, and the famous Dome, designed by Michelangelo. But its interior is impressive as well, not only for the naves, chapels and frescoes, but also because it houses many masterpieces like Michelangelo's La Pietà. 

From the Basilica you can go to visit the mosaics inside the Vatican city.

Another unforgettable experience concerns the Vatican Museums. There are several exclusive and absolutely personalized tours of this experience, where you will enter closed doors for a visit reserved to our guests. The available times are:

• From Monday to Saturday or at 6 pm or 7 pm (at 5 pm, in an exceptional way)

The visit lasts 2 hours and includes:

1. Upper Galleries with Tapestries, Room of the Candelabra and Gallery of Geographical Maps;

2. Raffaello Rooms and the Sistine Chapel.

3. Within two hours it is also possible to visit: Museo Pio Clementino, Pinacoteca and Padiglione delle Carrozze. Paying extras  we can have access to: Niccolina Chapel, Scala del Bramante, Gabinetto Maschere and Sala degli Ori (normally closed also for private visits).

4. It is possible to make an aperitif at the end of the visit in the bistro of the Pigna courtyard.

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