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Our giving back journey

A colorfoul, joyous exhibition in Rome where artists are children living in deep poverty. An extraordinary event, where 3 artists meet Pope Francis giving him one of their artworks. A flash of hope we would like to light for the children through art and with the help of our guests.

Our giving back journey

The houses don't have floors, nor fixtures. They are not heated and have no electricity and no running water. Children play among the rubbish. They wear dirty and worn clothes, because they do not change them very often. Their parents don't work: there is no work, the area they live in is poor and doesn't have many infrastructures. Days go by and they almost seem to be dragging along, while the nightfall is just the demonstration that they have survived. The next day there will be the same problem of finding food to eat and some clean water to drink.


 Gipsy house


This is the daily life of many families who live in the most remote areas of Hungary, Central Europe. Gipsy adults and kids, but also Hungarians, whose reality is made of extreme poverty, sometimes of crime, in a vicious circle that involves several generations and is handed down, just like a tattoo on the skin, from father to son.




The Real Pearl Foundation

And yet  small "pearls" are also born in the middle of nowhere. For this reason the Real Pearl Foundation has chosen this name. Every child is a treasure, just like a pearl at the bottom of the sea; but a pearl is still beautiful, even if it forms a necklace, a symbol of their community in this case. On this principle this non-profit foundation has decided to pursue a small, big dream: they want to offer a better future to children through education and art. By helping their parents, by teaching them a job, they  try to prevent them from falling into the easy promises of crime. But the Foundation doesn’t have a simple life, because it is dedicated to those people often considered irrecoverable by society. Everyday the president of the Foundation Ms Nora L. Ritok, volunteers and collaborators commit themselves to their projects in order to realize them, despite the countless difficulties.

TreasureRome has been following the Real Pearl Foundation for many years now and has decided to support it by donating 5 euros a day for each booking received through the website. In fact, the Foundation uses funds raised not only for educational projects, but also to help families in what they need, like medicines, clothes, or even food. It also finances scholarships for the most deserving students, so they can really believe in a different life through education.

The Exhibition in Rome

The idea of ​​the exhibition promoted by TreasureRome and its luxury line TreasureRome Collection, was born to launch a very specific message: to promote inclusion and change through art and education. In fact, the children of these communities are ghettoized at school and school segregation is a phenomenon unfortunately still present in many European countries.


The exhibition of 21 colorful works took place from November 24 to December 6 2017 at the Medina Roma Gallery, few steps away from the Colosseum and in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of the city. At the opening, a really exciting event, people from different countries shared their love for art and the desire to support the Foundation.

The ambassador of the exhibition, the artist and performer Ms Eugenia Serafini in her opening speech illustrated the projects and goals of Real Pearl and explained some of the paintings exposed; while Ms Ilona Balint, a Hungarian violinist, member of the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia, performed violin duets with her daughter Ms Marta Mastrullo.

The closing event, Wednesday 6 December 2017, also saw the participation of President Ms Nora L.Ritok, with three of the girls-artists who are being followed by the Foundation.

The exposed works, born from the imagination and creativity of children between 7 and 12 years, show their dreams, their simple life in the village, and they do it in a powerful way where is possible to see all the beauty of their young age, despite their harsh living conditions.


The meeting with Pope Francis and the visit to a Roman school

December 6th in 2017 is a date that marked the history of the Real Pearl Foundation. It was not only the day of the closing event of  the exhibition, in which 5 paintings were sold and other funds were collected, but also the day of the meeting with Pope Francis.
Ms Nora L. Ritok with three girls rappresenting the mentored children, and Ms Henrietta Kiss of TreasureRome attended the papal audience and had the opportunity to give the Holy Father an artwork done by the girls and a letter explaining the conditions of these children in Hungary. R
eal Pearl has made it to the Vatican and brought a true and authentic testimony of its work and commitment.

But the trip to Italy was also an opportunity to spread its message of social inclusion thanks to the cultural exchange with the primary school Di Donato in Rome. The three girls created together with other students a Christmas card and a painting like the ones made during the workshops of the Foundation. An experience that was more than positive and showed how all children have the right to live their childhood and to hope for a better future.

Let's continue supporting the Real Pearl Foundation

Real Pearl needs the help and support of all of us.  We are happy to show you how you could directly support the Foundation's work, do get in touch with us! Believing in the work of Real Pearl Foundation is the first step in defending children's rights and contributing to social inclusion.


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