TreasureRome Covid-19 Policies and Protocols


Covid-19 coronavirus emergency for Rome and for the travel industry in Italy meant complete freeze between March and June 2020.

TreasureRome is open for welcoming guests again from 3rd June 2020, and with that, the wellbeing of our guests remains our top priority.

Many of you have had to cancel your travels to Rome in 2020 and 2021, and in 2022 also seems Covid is here to stay so we’ve introduced


Updated Protocol for Cancellations due to Covid in 2022

Standard Rate Cancellation: in case your travel is affected by Covid disease or Covid related travel restrictions, and cancellation terms wouldn’t allow refund, we will issue 12months credit for 100% of the payment

Rate Plan with Insurance Included: this is a new rate plan, with upfront payment, giving 100% coverage insurance in case of cancellation.

For the rates Non Refundable and Promotional no protocol changes have been applied.

It goes without saying that as a small family-owned business in the hospitality sector, we appreciate your support so much every day.

We continue to monitor closely the official sources for coronavirus health related updates, and recommend you to do so:

Our sustainable response to Covid-19 in 2020/2021

We support the Real Pearl Foundation and giving back as social responsibility is an integral part of our activity. For us, travel and business have an important human element that goes beyond mere economics: we strive to help people through hospitality.

The coronavirus emergency has a conseguence in mostly every part of the world: the mandatory mask wearing in most of the indoor spaces, like museums, churches, offices.

We offer our guests the sustainable choice of a non disposable mask, made by the social enterprise of the Real Pearl Foundation, the SZUNO.

A thank you gift for choosing us, an essential and quality product that helps the environment and the community.

Thank you for supporting TreasureRome and helping our giving back to those who need it most.

We are happy to share our giving back project more in detail with you anytime!

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