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A “Little London” in the heart of Rome

A “Little London” in the heart of Rome

Fri, 23 Sep 2016

Low and colorful houses in the typical “English style”. A London corner in the heart of Rome, just three tram stops from the central Piazza del Popolo: it’s a surprise, isnt’it?

piccola Londra1
This small private road, bordered by two gates (which can be accessed from Via Flaminia, at number 287 or via Vignola) seems to belong to the famous Notting Hill district of London. But it is a short walk from the Flaminio Stadium.
The quietness and the special atmosphere that reigns among those gates so British, with steps and gardens all adorned with flowers, are two of the elements that strike at first sight.

piccola Londra2

A small jewel built in the first decade of the ‘900 by the architect Quadrio Pirani, father of several residential quarters of the time. Its charm has remained intact over the years: here you can escape for a moment, before returning to the the Eternal City.

piccola londra 3
Via Bernardo Celentano- this is the name of this very special street- is one of those places of Rome that you must visit as soon as possible… always in respect of its residents.


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