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How to survive summer HEAT in Rome

How to survive summer HEAT in Rome

Tue, 14 Jul 2015

It’s a tough one. July and August boost one of the highest tempreature ever this year and still, we’re ready to proove it’s possible to enjoy the Eternal City during the hottest summer period! Keeping it short and simple 🙂


No better moment to check out the fabuolous underground Rome, don’t you think?
The catacombs, underground burial places (mostly but not esclusively) Christian burials from the 2nd century AD are our favourite sites, as a matter of fact, just taking a walk in the Catacombs of Domitilla today!
Along the Appian Way there are the most known ones but worth to visit the smaller ones as well, not to mention the Capuchin Crypt in the Historical Center, it’s a real gem! (Remember to book your visit at least 15 days in advance for this one!)

Sleep during the day and start your sightseeing at sunset! Best way to avoid heat and find a pleasant breeze along the river. Many museums also stay open until 8-10pm or are visitable at night, such as Coliseum, Vatican Museums, Planetarium of Rome. Rememeber to book your tour in advance!
Also for the evening walks there are many free summer festival programs to enjoy, like at Ponte della Musica free concerts or along the Tevere banks Estate Lungo il Tevere.

Beach time!
Beat the heat by the sea at Ostia Beach or take the train to the beautiful Anzio and after a refreshing bath eat a good seafood dish at the Porto! No other words needed here 🙂

Yes, crazy July heat is more than a good reason to check out summer sales at the air conditioned shopping malls! Pick Euroma2 or Porte di Roma shopping center, they are well connected to the center and offer more than hundred shops to check for the best summer deals!

Eat, drink, shade!
If you decide to keep along with sightseeing as planned and face the heat in the City Center, remember these three basic survival rules:

1. Stay hydrated! Rome has free water fountains where you can fill your bottles so you will never run out of fresh and cold water. Here’s a map to find the closest to you.

2. Eat cold, fresh dishes, such as fruit salad and yes! Plenty of gelato!

3. Protect yourself from the sun with umbrella, large hat or simply walking on the shady side. Pay special attention to children!


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